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NorayBanks. Software for the management of biological samples collections: Laboratories, biorepositories and biobanks

What is NorayBanks?

Software for an efficient and secure management of biological samples of any origin, that guarantees the complete traceability of the samples and all their associated data.

It also allows the management of the documentation, equipment, containers and any issue necessary in the daily work of a laboratory.

¿Conoces NorayBanks Catalogue?

Your catalogue of biological samples available to the Scientific Community.

What functions do NorayBanks allow?

NorayBanks Key Features

  • 100% configurable. Any theme, size, structure…
  • Information security
  • Accesibility (Web technology)
  • Integrable with other systems (printers, laboratory equipment, sanitary software…)
  • Traceability
  • Adapted to the legislation
  • Completely exploitable information
  • Allows the migration of historical data
  • Scalability (adaptable to changes, activity and market new needs)

What is the added value of working with NorayBanks?

We accompany the customers anytime in the life cycle of the project, from the initial analysis of needs to the start-up, support and evaluation of the product:

Analysis of your needs

We make a preliminary analysis with the customer to know their needs. In this way we can adapt NorayBanks to the dimension of the project.


We present a demo of NorayBanks adapted to the activity of your centre, for a better understanding of the opportunities, advantages and benefits it offers.

Technical and economic proposal

We present a proposal according to the detected needs, which includes all the relevant technical and economic aspects, for the acquisition of the software and the functions offered by NorayBio.

Request more information or request your demo at:


Technical support for computer systems preparation that will host NorayBanks.

  • Installation
  • NorayBanks configuration to adapt it to the centre activity
  • Training
  • Technical support to users and IT department
  • Updates

Complementary services

      • Integration with other systems not included in the license
      • Extra training
      • Migrations
      • Implementation of new functionalities
      • Consultancy

What are we working on?

SNOMED CT integration:

In line with the international commitment to SNOMED CT as a terminology that must allow the interoperability of clinical data, we are developing solutions that incorporate this coding into NorayBanks under the umbrella of several national and European R&D projects.