TAILORED-Treatment adminnb 18 de August de 2022


Development of tailored antimicrobial treatment regimens and novel host-pathogen insights for respiratory tract infection and sepsis

EU Commission 2013-2017

Call identifier: FPVII-HEALTH-2013.2.3.1-2

Grant agreement nº: 602860

Project funded by the European Commission under the Collaborative Projects in Health Area of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)

The main goal is to establish a broad-based strategy (not limited to a particular antibiotic group) than can be implemented on a broad scale to increase the effectiveness of antibiotic and antifungal therapy, reduce adverse events, and help limit the emergence of antimicrobial resistance in children and adults.. The TAILORED-Treatment project is designed to maximize impact on patients and physicians while integrating and synergising with current EU funded research strategies.

The result will be a large-scale unique multi-dimensional datasetstored in a publically available database, which is accessible to the EU scientific and clinical community.

New computational tools to interrogate the data, in order to provide new insights into personalized host-pathogen interactions, including the discovery of novel biomarkers for patient diagnosis and disease monitoring will be developed. By incorporating these new insights into current clinical knowledge, the consortium will construct a predictive personalized treatment algorithm that will lead to informed and personalized antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial treatment regimens (indication, dosage and duration) that are tailored to the needs (type of infection, presence of novel biomarkers, etc.) of children and adults presenting with respiratory infections and sepsis. Finally, the algorithm and large-scale unique multi-dimensional dataset will be built into an easily navigable web-based, free-to-use, decision support system ready for use by physicians to explore, test and assist in patient-tailored antimicrobial treatment decisions.