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“New services and products for testing optimization in the development of new drugs: Implementation in Malaria.”

Basque Government: HAZITEK 2017-2018 Programme – Pending resolution.

OptiMAL is a research project co-led by the companies The Art of Discovery and Noray Bioinformatics, which aims to develop a new model for the evaluation of antimalarial drugs, using immunodeficient mice transplanted with human erythrocytes and infected with Plasmodium falciparum (PfalcHuMouse model), for the prediction of effective doses in patients. It is integrated by:

  1. A new statistical method for effectiveness quantification and translational extrapolation to humans.
  2. Clinical strain’s adaptation to the PfalcHuMouse model, obtained by Plasmodium falciparum patients who were resistant to drugs against malaria.
  3. A specialized software application in experimental translational medicine that allows planning procedure automation, analysis and issue of professional reports.

OptiMAL develops a unique service worldwide aimed at becoming the leading pre-clinical method on a legal basis (Food and Drug Administration, FDA, European Medicament Agency, EMA) in order to design new therapies against malaria.

On the other hand, OptiMAL allows the creation of the HaziLAB software in order to optimize processes and improve the efficiency of pharmaceutical companies and biotechnological industry in general by using Knowledge Management (KM). It can help to increase productivity based on Research and Development processes more and more complex, to allow data and information interchange among different parts of an organization, to make it possible to exchange experiences with partners and to optimize client services.

Developed in collaboration with:

The Art of Discovery S.L.