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“Smart device for monitoring and optimization of customized treatments of biological drugs”.

Basque Government: HAZITEK 2016-2017 Programme

Project Code: ZL-2016/00169

Project co-financed by the Basque Government and FEDER under the HAZITEK Programme.

This Project meets the needs of the biotechnological industry by getting adapted to new drugs: the increasing development of drugs with a monoclonal antibody as active principle and the high costs of these kind of treatments as well as its side effects, make it easier for new tools to be expanded into new markets. The current shortage of monitoring and diagnosis devices provides an opportunity for the success of the consortium.

Activity of NorayBio:

Software development in order to monitor blood concentration and to optimize drug dose.

Developed in collaboration with:

IMG Pharma S.L.
UPV/EHU, Grupo de Química Macromolecular.