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Development of nanosensors for the detection of quality parameters along food chain

EU Commision 2008-2011

Proyect Code: KBBE-2007-1-211906

Project financed by the European Community under the call for Support to Small Collaborative Projects under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).

Activity of NorayBio

Development of specific software in order to quantify the pollutant analysed in milk, by calculating the intensity of the fluorescence signal that the optical detection unit of the NANODETECT nanosensor is going to receive.

Developed in collaboration with:

TTZ Bremenhaven – Germany (Leader)
Stichting DLO Institute of Food Safety – Holland
Institute for Microsensors, Actuators and Systems (IMSAS), University of Bremen – Germany
The Food and Environment Research Agency – United Kingdom
Optotek d.o.o. – Slovenia
Formatgeria Granja Rinya – Spain
Meierei-Genossenschaft Langenhorn e.V – Germany
Biocult BV – Holland