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Personalised medicine applied to clinical diagnosis

ETORGAI. Basque Government 2008-2011

Project Code: IEI08-003

Project financed by the Basque Government under the Programme ETORGAI to suport integrated projects of industrial research and experimental development of a strategic nature in the Basque Country.

Activity of NorayBio

NorayBio participates in this project in two different areas of Bladder Cancer and Endometrial Receptivity developing specific activities:

– Development of a software application that allows the analysis of data from proteomics and metabolomics studies in patients with bladder cancer.

– Development of a bioinformatics platform that enables integration, storage and analysis of information from studies of the quality of endometrial receptivity in patients undergoing fertilization techniques, through immusoassays to quantify the selected biomarkers as most indicative of endometrial receptivity.

Developed in collaboration with:

Progenika Biopharma, S.A. (Leader)
Proteomika, S.A.
OWL Genomics, S.L.
Dominion Pharmakine, S.L.
Abyntek Biopharma, S.L.
Dynakin, S.L.
Bioftalmik, S.L.
KB Data Mining, S.L.
IVI Bilbao, S.L.
Innoprot, S.L.