CLINIMOD adminnb 13 de January de 2021


New tool for clinical monitoring of animal models: application in Multiple Sclerosis

Basque Government: HAZITEK Program 2019-2020 Project code: ZL-2019/00578
Project co-financed by the Basque Government and FEDER Funds, under the HAZITEK Business R&D Support programme.

The main objective of the project CLINIMOD is equip animal experimentation laboratories with an IT infrastructure that automates processes and improves their quality ,made up of new software tools and mobile applications to improve data collection, harmonization, standardization and objectification of information , the ethical and efficient management of animals and management report and results. In particular, we will optimize the processes associated with preclinical tests in animal models to obtain higher rates of clinical success for drugs in development and other tests that require clinical monitoring.